New paintings for 2015

Drying on the rafters in the studio....'Safe Harbour'     80 x 70 cm   oil on canvas

Abstract landscape oil on canvas by Kathy Ramsay Carr - 2015

Brighton Art Fair

A few days to go, wrapping up the paintings now. I am Stand 39. Do come along to the best Art Fair for Artists in the UK! Look at this link for the latest news: 

One of the paintings on show:

Now at the Porthminster Gallery

Yesterday I delivered 2 new paintings to the Porthminster Gallery in St Ives, forgetting August holiday traffic, it took a long time to get there!

'Rollercoaster'    100 x 95 cm   oil, gesso, beeswax and scrim on wood panel

Abstract contemporary landscape by Kathy Ramsay Carr

The Gathering…

Walking through dunes in summer......

'Dune Gold'     100 x 100 cm   oil on canvas. I have started enjoying working with greens.

abstract landscape oil painting by Kathy Ramsay Carr

Days of thunderstorms..........

Just finished 'The Gathering Storm', 100 x 100 cm, oil on canvas

Devon Artist Network

I have just created a new home page for the Devon Artist Network site, in preparation for Open Studios starting on September 6th:

Private View

The Marle Gallery in Axminster opens its Summer Exhibition this afternoon. It will run until August 30th so there's plenty of time to see it. This is one of the paintings being shown....

Matinee     60 x 30 cm   oil, beeswax and scrim on canvas


From A Painter's Garden

The title 'Bleu Aimable' is taken from my favourite tulip which glimmers silvery lilac in early May sunshine and works beautifully alongside the equally regal tulip 'Queen of Night'.

This canvas is 60 x 60 cm.

Abstract garden landscape in oil by Kathy Ramsay Carr

A Painter's Garden

The name given to this new body of work is inspired by the hours I spend as a gardener and beekeeper. 

'Avignon Velvet'    50 x 60 cm   oil on canvas

Abstract oil painting by kathy Ramsay Carr, from an artist's garden

'Stipa' 50 x 50 cm oil and scrim on canvas

Inspired by a grass called Miscanthus which grows by a wildlife pond, reaching 10' each year

 Abstract oil painting by Kathy Ramsay Carr,from an artists garden