Cheltenham Literature Festival

October 4 - 13th. An exciting opportunity to show with Contemporary Art Holdings (Wetpaint Gallery) from Cirencester at 


Abstract landscape painting'You Know how I Feel'

A new painting

Now completed, this abstract landscape in oil was inspired by the old mines in Cornwall, like icons of the land.



Beyond Erme

A recent commission completed for a young couple just married...

abstract landscape commission

A painting's progress

The painting is becoming more atmospheric as the layers are building.

an abstract landscape in progress

A Swarm of Bees!

I am also a beekeeper and today found a swarm in the garden which I have contained in a skep. Later this afternoon I will put them safely into a hive where they will hopefully wish to stay.

A Swarm in a Skep

Painting's progress - phase 5

 I have been working vertically on the canvas today, using wider brush strokes to merge the sky with the sea so there is less definition of horizon and to create the misty effect I will be building up.

abstract landscape in progress

Painting's progress - phase 4

More and more layers of thin transparent paint mixed with linseed oil and turps are applied, to start cooling the cooling the hot ground.

A painting - phase 3


An abstract landscape is as it the brushes and palette knives get into action, creating this abstract landscape that is the coast, headland, sea, estuary, sky, the colours build up in the diluted and translucent oils.

abstract landscape oil painting…</img></p></p>
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Starting a painting-part 2

An abstract landscape is gradually emerging...Many layers of thin oil paint are applied to the canvas at this stage, at different viscosities, creating  the feel of an abstracted landscape. It is a stage where I work mostly by intuition and am helped by a certain knowledge of what colours do when placed over each other.

Starting a painting

I will be taking photographs as it progresses.This is the second stage really, as first of all I applied a rich vermilion all over as I want this warmth to come through later. The painting is of a place in mind, an estuary, in fact, where the headlands on either side widen to the mouth of the river meeting the sea. None of this is apparent yet!

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