Oh no!

I was trying to make a canvas on the studio floor when my cat Toes walked in....

Toes making a canvas with meWherever I go, whatever I'm doing, he has to help. He is a polydactyl cat and has 25 toes, so plenty to stretch a canvas with!


Fresh off the easel

Just completed for a client in the colours she wanted.

New Piece - The Dart and the Moor

This is my latest work, recently finished. It evolved from a late winter walk on Dartmoor which can sometimes look very bleak but has some wonderful rivers running through it which bring life and energy to the open desolate spaces. This painting is available from the studio. Please contact me if interested.


New Exhibition

From October 9 – December 20 at The East Devon Business Centre in Honiton I will be having a large solo exhibition of abstract landscape oil paintings and oils on slate. More details later……

New work at the Fiumano Gallery in Connaught Street, London

At the Fiumano Gallery in Connaught Street, London, there are three new works.

from left to right:

  • The Blueness of Beyond    120 x 100 cm    oil on canvas
  • Revelling in the Day     120 x 100 cm    oil on canvas
  • Rendezvous  Red  100 x 80 cm  oil on canvas