From A Painter's Garden

The title 'Bleu Aimable' is taken from my favourite tulip which glimmers silvery lilac in early May sunshine and works beautifully alongside the equally regal tulip 'Queen of Night'.

This canvas is 60 x 60 cm.

Abstract garden landscape in oil by Kathy Ramsay Carr

A Painter's Garden

The name given to this new body of work is inspired by the hours I spend as a gardener and beekeeper. 

'Avignon Velvet'    50 x 60 cm   oil on canvas

Abstract oil painting by kathy Ramsay Carr, from an artist's garden

'Stipa' 50 x 50 cm oil and scrim on canvas

Inspired by a grass called Miscanthus which grows by a wildlife pond, reaching 10' each year

 Abstract oil painting by Kathy Ramsay Carr,from an artists garden